Carpet ushers in a soothing vibe with supreme softness underfoot and premium performance.

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Quality Carpet In Jersey City, NJ

It’s no wonder that carpet has been one of the most popular flooring choices for homeowners and families for decades: Carpet offers an incredibly soft surface to help you and your loved ones unwind each day!

Also, carpet is easier to replace and install than other flooring options. In addition to the vast offering of colors, textures, patterns, and pile types for excellent design capability, carpeting brings in warmth, soft landing spots for little ones, and valuable sound-reducing qualities in a home with kids and pets.

At Hauptman Floor Covering Co Inc, our carpet experts are ready to help you better understand carpet specifics so that you can have an educated understanding of which carpet types will work best for your home’s specific conditions and needs.

Whether you are shopping for an eye-catching style that creates an unforgettable impression, or a soft option that can handle an active household, we offer the right carpet options for you that can capture any desired traditional, formal, sleek, or modern aesthetic.

Let’s explore this excellent flooring choice together and bring that unmistakable softness to your home!

Why Choose Carpet?

Carpet gives your home these major advantages:

  • Carpet lends ample warmth and softness underfoot. Ideal for kids or pets.
  • Carpet provides helpful sound-reducing qualities.
  • Carpet is offered in a tremendous amount of colors, patterns, tones, styles, and designs.
  • Carpet can serve any preferred design aesthetic.
  • Carpet hides many sub-floor issues easily.
  • Carpet can install over a substrate in flooring.
  • Carpet offers budget-friendly flooring solutions compared to many hard surface options.
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Carpet Care & Maintenance

To ensure that your carpet looks as pristine over the years as possible, it’s extremely important to learn the proper ways to protect and maintain your flooring! At Hauptman Floor Covering Co Inc, we can share the tips and tricks to preserving the stunning appearance of your carpet. Find out more valuable information from our helpful carpet care & maintenance guide.