With a stylish, budget-friendly, and low-maintenance profile, laminate flooring might be your next flooring solution. Explore the wide range of laminate options at Hauptman Floor Covering Co Inc for your home.

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Quality Laminate In Jersey City, NJ

If you are searching for versatile flooring options for your home, laminate flooring presents solutions for every room.

Realistically emulating hardwood and stone visuals with enhanced durability and moisture resistance, laminate flooring allows you to easily match an entire floorplan. At Hauptman Floor Covering Co Inc, our wide range of laminate flooring can help you capture any trending aesthetic you love. With options to capture whatever shade, pattern, visual, texture, or price point you need, our flooring experts are ready to assist.

As a member of Shaw’s Flooring Network, we can offer exclusive Shaw laminate options, as well as offer high-quality laminate products from other trusted manufacturers as well! We have the brands you love.

Ready to learn more about this fantastic flooring type? Learn more about laminate flooring benefits below.

Why choose laminate?

Laminate flooring comes with versatility and excellent benefits:

  • Laminate is provides a more budget-friendly flooring option to craft wood and stone beauty.
  • Laminate options capture every trend and popular look on the market, as well as timeless visuals.
  • Laminate gives active households low maintenance, high-performing floors with moisture resistance.
  • Laminate lends a durable surface and long-lasting performance with proper care and installation.
  • Laminate comes in realistic styles, designs, and plank and tile formats. These details make finished floors appear even more authentic.
  • Laminate installation is a fast, easy, and cheaper than wood or stone.
Flooring | Hauptman Floor Covering Co Inc
Flooring | Hauptman Floor Covering Co Inc
Flooring | Hauptman Floor Covering Co Inc
Caring For Laminate | Hauptman Floor Covering Co Inc

Laminate Care & Maintenance

Homeowners everywhere appreciate laminate flooring for the enhanced moisture protection against spills and stains. Extremely easy to maintain and care for, our Hauptman Floor Covering Co Inc Laminate Care & Maintenance Guide will help you keep your laminate floors immaculate for years to come.