Download our helpful Hauptman Floor Covering Co Inc Care & Maintenance Guide to keep your carpet plush and radiant!

Daily Carpet Care & Maintenance

Although you may initially think that maintaining your carpet’s striking appearance will be a challenge, we can review this process together and you will find that proper care is easily achieved!

Proper carpet care and maintenance begins with understanding your manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines to always ensure that your cleaning routine is aligned with your product warranty. Our carpet experts can review these guidelines with you to make your carpet care as easy as possible.

Here are additional helpful guidelines that will help your carpet remain gorgeous:

Regular Carpet Care

It’s always wise to place entry mats at the doors of your home to remove grime and abrasive particles from footwear before it reaches your carpet. In addition to investing in these valuable defenders, encourage your family and visitors to remove footwear to help maintain your plush carpet pile.

Next, it’s time to also invest in the proper quality vacuum cleaner that matches your carpet type to perfection. By vacuuming with an appropriate model on a regular basis, you will more effectively remove dirt, dust, and other debris from the carpet fibers and prevent damage or a dingy appearance.

Without a doubt, using a proper model to vacuum regularly will extend the life and beauty of your carpet!

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Carpet Cleaning & Care | Hauptman Floor Covering Co Inc

Treating Spills & Stains on carpet

As best you can, always address spills to your carpet immediately to prevent stains from forming. To treat a spill, first blot out as much liquid or debris as possible with a dry cloth or paper towel. Avoid scrubbing or pressing the spill down into the fibers during this step as these actions can create stains.

Next, use warm water to remove any staining by now pressing a clean cloth into the spill area to absorb the rest. If needed, use an approved stain removing product listed in your carpet manufacturer’s guidelines.

After this step, thoroughly rinse the area where the spill occurred with warm water and absorb the excess moisture once more with a clean cloth. When your carpet has dried, vacuum gently to restore the texture and appearance of the area in question.