Your vinyl flooring is prepared for the action in your home around the clock, and you can help keep them shining at all times. 

Daily Care & Maintenance

All you need to power your daily vinyl maintenance is a quality broom! By regularly sweeping or dusting, you will consistently remove the dirt, dust, debris, and pet dander that can become abrasive particles over time and potentially scratch or scrape your vinyl surface.

Thankfully, the inherent moisture resistance of vinyl allows you to wet or dry mop your floors whenever you deem necessary. When you need to efficiently restore the shine to your vinyl floors, you can do just that. Read on for more on the easy cleanability of vinyl flooring!

Regular Vinyl Care

We always recommend placing furniture protectors on the bottom of chairs, sofas, tables, and other heavy pieces to prevent wear to your vinyl floors. These heavy pressure points are less than ideal for vinyl, as well as high-heeled shoes that place concentrated sharp force on the surface.

When using entry mats at the doors of your home to extend the lifespan of your vinyl floors, be sure to avoid purchasing rubber-backed mats that are not compatible with vinyl material and can actually produce permanent stains.

After wet mopping your vinyl floors for a quick deep cleaning, always be sure to dry the surfaces completely as standing water can eventually warp or harm the flooring.

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Dealing With Spills & Stains on vinyl

Although all spills on vinyl flooring should be cleaned promptly upon discovery, thankfully your surface cleans up effortlessly. Simply use a basic cloth or paper towel to wipe up messes and spills, and spot-treat as needed with a gentle vinyl cleaner. It's that simple. 

Consult your vinyl manufacturer's guidelines for proper mopping procedure and approved cleaners to maintain your product warranty. Cleaning spills has never been easier than when maintaining your vinyl flooring!