Laminate flooring will minimize your cleaning routine, and our Hauptman Floor Covering Co Inc Laminate Care & Maintenance Guide makes proper care even easier!

Daily Care & Maintenance

With innovative constructions and advanced technologies, laminate flooring options present low-maintenance solutions that will continue to look great with basic care. Not only do we at Hauptman Floor Covering Co Inc aim to help you find the laminate look you love, we want to help you maintain your floors with ease! These laminate care and maintenance tips will make your upkeep as efficient as possible.

Regular Laminate Care

You can easily spiff up your laminate flooring with regular sweeping, vacuuming, and dry mopping. These steps will help remove dirt, debris, and other abrasive particles from the laminate surface and reduce any potential scrapes and scratches. Laminate flooring is designed for active homes with kids and pets, and these factors and general household activity level will determine how often you need to sweep or vacuum.

When using a vacuum on your laminate flooring, make sure to remove any beater bars that can potentially scratch the surface.

Always be sure to consult the laminate manufacturer’s product guidelines before dry mopping your floors to preserve your product warranties.

We also encourage homeowners to use doormats at all home entryways to help remove particles and footwear, and advise removing footwear at the door during the seasons where ice, snow, and slush are more prevalent.

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Cleaning Spills & Stains on Laminate

If accidental spills and stains make your stress level rise, then you will love the enhanced moisture protection that laminate flooring provides!

When untimely food or liquid spills occur, you can easily and swiftly wipe the mess off your laminate flooring with a dry cloth or towel. If you want to spot-treat the spill for particularly pesky offenders, simply use a manufacturer-approved laminate cleaning product. Although laminate floors offer greater moisture protection than hardwood, you should always clean spills upon occurrence or discovery.