By properly caring for your hardwood floors, you will both maintain their stellar appearance and improve your home's value. Learn more here!

Daily Care & Maintenance

Tough, durable hardwood flooring is built to handle your foot traffic and wear-and-tear over the years, but proper care is still the key to long-term success. Since hardwood flooring needs specific care steps followed, you can establish a hardwood cleaning routine that remains low maintenance while still preserving the appearance and value of your floors.

Follow our Hardwood Care & Maintenance Guide, along with the manufacturer’s guidelines to preserve all your product warranties and keep your floors in tip-top shape!

Regular Hardwood Care

Since entry mats help remove the dirt, debris, and grime from footwear that can damage or become abrasive to your hardwood floors, be sure to place these defenders at the doors of your home! In addition to using mats, it’s always helpful to have guests remove footwear during the winter months when ice, snow, and mud are more likely to reach your hardwood floors.

You will certainly want to invest in a high-quality, soft bristle broom so that you can sweep your hardwood floors regularly and remove dust, dirt, and pet dander. In addition to helping your hardwood planks shine, you are preventing abrasion in the process. You may also use a vacuum cleaner without a beater bar for this process, just be sure to consult your product warranty guidelines first. Caring for hardwood floors is that easy!

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Dealing With Spills & Stains

When it comes to spills and stains on hardwood flooring, as well as the cleaning procedures that follow, it’s best to keep your floors as dry as possible.

Wipe up spills and stains as soon as you can and remove all moisture with a dry cloth. When spot-cleaning wood floors or trying to remove scuffs and heel-marks that occur, be sure to consult your product guidelines and only used manufacturer-approved wood cleaning products.

Avoid ammonia-based cleaners completely as they can adversely affect your hardwood flooring finish. Never wet-mop genuine hardwood flooring as it can warp or damage your flooring, as well as void your product warranty.

Although hardwood flooring care requires certain precautions, these beautiful surfaces are still easy to maintain and extremely tough!