You will find it extremely easy to keep your new tile floors shining for decades. Here's our tile care and maintenance guide for extra guidance. 

Daily Care & Maintenance

As intricate as your tile flooring layouts have the potential to be, your care and maintenance routine will be anything but difficult. Thanks to the inherent moisture resistance in the construction of tile varieties, you can wet mop your floors for a quick, deep cleaning!

It starts with sweeping your tile several times a week to remove pet dander, dust, debris, and other particles. Depending on the foot traffic your home receives, you can adjust sweeping as needed. Spot-clean any spills or stains with a gentle tile cleaner and then dry or wet mop your tile floors as you prefer. Your tile floors will maintain their luster for years with proper care and upkeep.

Regular Tile Care

To make maintaining your tile floors even easier, use doormats at the entryways of your home to reduce tracked-in dirt and debris. In the months that experience extra moisture, snow, ice, and slush, you can also use shoe racks to encourage residents and visitors to remove footwear by the door.

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Dealing With Spills & Stains on tile

Nobody likes dealing with untimely spills and messes, but having tile floors will help you keep your chill: These floors are so easy to clean up!

Take a clean cloth or towel and simply wipe away any liquid or solid substance when a spill or accident occurs. In an active home with kids or pets, you will cherish these low maintenance surfaces. As with all flooring types, it is always best to clean spills promptly upon discovery for best long-term appearance.

For more stubborn flooring offenders, consult your tile manufacturer’s product guidelines for an approved tile cleaner that will remove stains while maintaining your warranty.